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5 Ways to Ruin Yourself Academically:
  1. Always be sure to doodle during lectures.
  2. Never do your homework for any class ever.
  3. Lie your ass off about late assignments.
  4. Procrastinate like you're getting paid for it.
  5. Do not talk to any of the other students you
    have classes with or your professors.

6 Ways to Ruin Yourself Socially:
  1. Lock yourself in your dorm for hours on end.
  2. Listen to screamo super loud at three in the morning.
  3. Mark yourself as a pushover:  let folks bum smokes.
  4. Not dress like a highschool slut, complete with fake giggle.
  5. Avoid all the mixers and parties.  No one cares anyways.
  6. Never greet people in return.

5 Ways to Ruin Yourself Physically:
  1. Never sleep.  It's so good to run on empty.
  2. Eat five-seven plate fulls of various foods during each visit to the caf.
  3. Never excercise.
  4. Keep endorphins in captivity.
  5. Stress over homework you know you won't do.

5 Ways to Ruin Yourself Emotionally:
  1. Force friendships from empty potential.
  2. Love the one who won't ever give you a chance.
  3. Become easily jeleous of the success of others.
  4. Think too much about sad/difficult things.
  5. Take things back home to seriously.
There you have it.  All these things I have done and here are my mid-term grades:

C.I. - didn't go to class to get grade, but i know it's a 0
Algebra - 55 F
Comp II - 0
Theology - 0

yeah....i need a swift kick, eh?

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